Friday, January 23, 2015

Friendships Don't Last Long

Years after the burial of Eugene Grey and Elixar Manumen, Gardyè became both ruler of the East and the North and payed his respect to the North by doing whatever he can do to help them with resources. While Gardyè became the ruler of the East and the North, Garth fled the West and migrated to the South in which he took complete control over of. Garth soon became a dictator who was similar to Elixar where he didn't want to share his goods or killed someone just for something he wanted. Garth didn't like the way Gardyè was handling things and became jealous of how he became a ruler of two kingdoms. Garth sent out a large vast amount of his newer armies from the South and a couple of his old armies from the West to try and take out Gardyè. Thus started a new war between the old pals and broke their promises to never fight each other again.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Final Crisis

After things were heating up between the different kingdoms, they all went back home to their thrones. Each throne had their own army ready to fight and go to war with each other. The North and the East were on one side while the South and the West were on the other. The kingdoms then fought in the middle of nowhere where thousands of armies have been laid out on. The war ended up disastrously insane and hundreds of lives were lost. Garth fled the war during the climax of the battle because he didn't want to lose his life over such a stupid agreement. Elixar then ended up stabbing and killing Eugene from behind when he wasn't looking and was busy fighting the armies. The ruckus then lead Gardyè to avenge his brother. Gardyè and Elixar were both having a deep conversation on why Elixar had to kill Eugene and not just let it be. Elixar told Gardyè that life is to short to share things and just keep the things that thou have to thyselves. Gardyè told his brother Elixar that he shouldn't have killed his other beloved brother over an agreement to help his kingdom. Gardyè walked away to be the better man instead of killing his brother and losing another loved one. Elixar ran heavily towards Gardyè to try and kill him but failed to do so. Gardyè turned around quickly just as Elixar got in between 4 foot away from him and pulled up his bow and grabbing his arrow from his quiver drawing his arrow back and releasing it. Elixar fell the ground smiling as if this was all fun and games. Things didn't quite turn out the right way and ended on a disastrous battle. Gardyè went to his brother, Eugene's kingdom and carried his dead brothers up back to the North to bury them. A ceremony was going on and many were sad, lost, and heartless. They've lost a great king who had done everything he could to make the united nations a better society. Garth then flew to the North to celebrate the ceremony with his brother, Gardyè. Gardyè and Garth both promised not to hurt each other anymore despite what the situations were and agreed to share most of the properties with each other.

The Downfall of Us All

Eugene Grey went on a road trip with a few of his men to visit each of the other kingdoms to see how they were doing. As he went on into every other kingdoms, Elixar, Gardyè, and Garth had joined him on a road trip with their own men. Eugene had asked the other kingdoms if it was okay if each throne shared resources with each other such as food, land, and money. Eugene wanted things to be in the North because it was more peaceful and quiet. Gardyè was okay with everything because he knew that the North lacked resources such as not having enough land, food, and money which the East had plenty of. Garth didn't really like the idea because he wanted to make sure his people in his kingdom have as much as possible. Elixar was against the idea due to not wanting to share any part of his resources with anyone besides his family. This then lead to an argument and disagreement between the four and things started to heat up really quick. Gardyè and Eugene both argued about wanting to help each other for the good while Garth and Elixar were on the opposite side.

The Lone Warrior

Garth Hol, ruler of the West, was a very fat man who didn't really care much. Garth used to be a very humble and sensitive man with a six pack that also cared for others. When his family migrated to the West, Garth soon became head of the West. The previous ruler of the West saw faith in Garth so he then passed his position onward to Garth. In the West, everyone was able to do something because of how big the kingdom is. Despite being the leader of the West, Garth still acts like a little childish fool at times because he believes that being a little childish fool can help him and others be more free and be themselves instead of always being serious all the time.

Archer's Quest

Gardyè Hood, ruler of the East, cared about his people and others who weren't in his kingdom. He would let those who needed help (despite if they were good or bad) into his throne because Gardyè is a man who's willing to risk his life for others. In the East, Gardyè made an all archery school for those who didn't know how to use wooden bows and arrows. He wanted to make sure all of his people knew how to shoot one in case if they ever needed to go out and scout or scavenge out in the woods while looking for food or resources.

Shadow's Greed

Elixar Manumen, king of the South, is not ashamed of whom he is. Elixar was once a child who very much cared and loved everyone. Ever since his family has moved to the South where there were lots of greedy people who did not care about anything and wanted everything for themselves, he started to learn to adapt to their environment and culture. After arriving in the South, Elixar's father became head of that kingdom. Elixar didn't like the way his father was handling the situations in their kingdom, so he went on to kill his father and took over the South. He then went on ahead and married his mother who was still Queen of the South during the time. The government and the society in the South is very corrupt where many things very limited to one person.

A True Hero

Eugene Grey, king of the North, had a very distinct personality that always wanted the best out of everyone. Although Eugene himself doesn't really get to spend time with everyone in the North as much as he used to, he wants to make sure his people are enjoying themselves. Eugene has a wife and a son, Sasha and Jim Grey. Besides his kingdom, both his wife and son are very lovely and mean the most to him. Eugene Grey was the face of the whole united nation. Everyone looked up to him, even the East and the West admired him. The South hated the North because they have both been going on at it at a very long time and have quite a long history with each other.